SEISA Group Organization Layout


SEISA Group has expressed the importance of “Education through Empathic Understanding” through various activities, such as learning from familiar things, learning through one’s relation to life, and learning from each other. “Understand Each Other, Leave Nobody Out, Make Friends”- based on these 3 guiding principles of SEISA, we create and promote further opportunities for mutual learning, leading to contribute to the realization of KYOSEI Society (a society where people live in harmony).

SEISA University

SEISA University Graduate School

Faculty of Life Network Science
Correspondence Course / On-Campus Course (In Preparation)
Primary Education, Welfare, Sports & Physical Expression, Global-Local Communication
Graduate School of Educational Practice
(Master of Education)
・Program of Nursing Education
・Program of Media Studies and Journalism
・Program of International Cooperation and KYOSEI Studies
Graduate School of Educational Practice
 (Professional Master of Education)
Special Course of Japanese Language
・Research Center
・Support Center for Teaching Profession
・Lear ning and Career Support Center
・Research Center for International Affairs
・Extension Center
・Adaption and Independ ence Support Course

SEISA Kokusai High School

District Core Center
Sapporo, Sapporo-Kita, Kitahiroshima, Asahikawa,
Asibetsu, Obihiro, Sendai, Koriyama,
Kawaguchi, Tachikawa, Hachioji, Kofu,
Atsugi, Yokohama-Kamoi, Shonan, Odawara,
Shizuoka, Hamamatsu, Nagoya, Toyama,
Fukui, Osaka, Hiroshima, Takamatsu,
Marugame, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka-Higashi, Fukuoka-Chuo,
Okinawa, Naha and *more than 100 other satellite schools nationwide

SEISA Momiji Junior High School
SEISA Freeschool
SEISA Sapporo Momiji Campus
SEISA Shonan Oiso Campus
SEISA Odawara Campus
SEISA Takao Campus
SEISA Kawaguchi Campus
SEISA Toyama Campus
SEISA Hakone Campus
Local Community FM Broadcasting StationSHONAN MAGIC WAVE (SMW85.6MHz)
Foreign Care Workers Association

SEISA Education Institute

SEISA High School
SEISA Junior High School
SEISA Nagoya Junior High School
SEISA Academy

SEISA Gakuen

Elementary School / Junior High School / High School

Hokuto School

Shonan School

Yokohama Portside School

Omiya School

Hokkaido SEISA Gakuen Education Institute

SEISA-Dohto University

Faculty of Social Welfare
Faculty of Management
Faculty of Art (Design/Architecture)
Special Course of Japanese Language
Correspondence Education: Nursery Teacher, Social Worker, Psychiatric Social Worker

Social Welfare Corporation SEISA

Nogawa Minamidai Nursery School
Twinkle Kaminogawa Nursery School
Twinkle Seya Nursery School
Twinkle Kunugizaka Nursery School

SEISA ECEC* KIDS planet Education Institute

certified childcare centerPeter Pan Kindergarden

certified childcare centerAobadai Kindergarden

* ECEC: Early Childhood Education and Care

Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Foundation for Global Children

Domestic Support

Educational and medical support mainly in areas that affected by earthqake disaster such as Hokkaido,Tohoku, Hiroshima, Kumamoto, Okinawa, etc.

Overseas Support

Education, sports, medical and environment supports
Asia: Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos etc.
Africa: Eritrea , etc.

Yokohama-Bhutan Friendship Association

SEISA Shonan Oiso Comprehensive Community Sports Club


SEISA Hakone Sengokuhara Comprehensive Community Sports Club

Shonan Magic Wave Co., Ltd.

FM broadcasting Planning & Management
Space Education Research Support Section
School Management Consulting
Sport Recreation & Health Section
Education Consulting

Agricultural Production Legal Corp Hoshi-No-Shima

Farming  Food Processing   Horticulture  Livestock Farming

Incorporated NPO SEISA Education Research Center

SST Educational Support Alternative School  Teaching Materials Deveropment 

Incorporated NPO Shin-Seisakuza

Traditional Japanease Theater Group

Incorporated NPO SEISA Sapporo Education Center

Educational Support   Free School Management

Japan Space Weather Association

SEISA Astronomy Clu  SEISA Space Weather Club


Incorporated NPO Dako-on

Traditional Japanese Drum Team

International Department

Miyazawa International Education Foundation (USA)

Kanagawa Supporting Organization of Japan Cooperation Volunteers

Leadership Institute for Medical Innovation

Space Research Support Enterprise

Shonan Business Machine Service Co.Ltd