World-renowned Artist
Mr. Mackenzie Thorpe Joined SEISA Family

Mr. Mackenzie Thorpe appointed as a
visiting professor at SEISA University

While facing dyslexia, which causes difficulties in reading and writing, Mr. Mackenzie Thorpe found the light in the world of painting and produced various art works of love and truth, hoping to make the world a better place for children. He has been appointed as a Visiting Professor at SEISA University. From now on, he will take part in various forms of activities with SEISA students, teachers, faculty staff, and parents as a member of SEISA.

Mr. Mackenzie Thorpe

Mr. Mackenzie Thorpe, an internationally renowned artist, grew up in an industrial town in Northern England in its economically difficult time. Despite struggling with the difficulties in reading and writing, dyslexia, he found light in the world of painting. His work is based on love and friendship and contains all emotions of humanity. He sincerely hopes this world will be a better place for children. Some of the works seem to express the despair that is inevitable for humanity and the superficial and useless things, but they convey that there is hope and love, too. He also expresses the beautiful moments in our lives using animals, as well as people, as motifs. Through all his works, you can see "Love and Truth". Mr. Mackenzie Thorpe believes that love can overcome everything, and his work tells that it is true. He is a special man with amazing talent. And a true artist.