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Connecting approximately 40 satellite venues nationwide,
including the United Nations (New York), State of Eritrea, Kingdom of Bhutan, and Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, as well as those who wish to participate.

Joint sponsorship General Incorporated assoiciation SEISA group / Public Interest Incorporation Foundation Foundation for Global Children / Kokusai Gakuen Education Institute / SEISA Education Institute / SEISA Africa Asia Bridge 2022 executive committee
Supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Sciences and Technology / Kanagawa pref./ City of Odawara / City of Ashibetsu / Hakone town/ Oiso town/ City of Yokohama International Affairs Bureau/Kanagawa Prefectural Board of Education / Yokohama city Board of Education/ Odawara city Board of Education / Oiso town Board of Education/JICA Yokohama Center/ YOKOHAMA SDGs Design Center
Cooperation SEISA KIDS planet Education Institute / SEISA Social Welfare OrganiZation / SEISA Gakuen
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The 6th SEISA Africa Asia Bridge 2020

SEISA Africa Asia Bridge 2022 Organizer's Message

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation, SEISA Africa Asia Bridge, which was first held in 2015, is now in its 8th year. Last year, we were again under the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, but through the children's cumulative efforts and actions in holding the event online, about 37,000 people, including people from the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) in distant New York, Republic of Uganda, Republic of Senegal, and Republic of the Union of Myanmar, were able to participate and exchange in the event and opened the door to a new world.
Prior to this event, the global perspective that we could offer to the children were still vague, and the changes that were occurring in front of them did not seem to have become a part of their lives. However, participating in each event, the children began to develop a sense of responsibility, and the event has now grown to be recognized as one of the most leading ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) campaigns in Japan..The founder, the late Honorary Chairman Mr. Yasuo Miyazawa, hoped to plant the seeds of KYOSEI (living together in harmony) in the hearts of children through this event. These seeds have germinated beautifully, and some of them seem to be blooming into large flowers. This year, I hope that the baton will be passed on to the children who will lead the next generation, while revising the significance of this event, which we have named "Bond the Bridge” .
We hope that more young people, whose hearts are close to each other despite the distance, will grow up in Japan and in the countries of Africa and the Asia-Pacific region, and that they will connect and engage in peace-making and nation-building as friends. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Chairperson of SEISA Group

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and SEISA Africa Asia Bridge (SAAB)

This SEISA Africa Asia Bridge initiative is an opportunity for SEISA colleagues, who have kept the 3 commitments of "Understand Each Other", "Leave Nobody Out" and "Make Friends", to demonstrate the results of their efforts to learn, think and act together about Africa and Asia over the years. It is also an opportunity to understand deeply what kind of society the world is aiming for by achieving the SDGs (17 international goals for sustainable development) by 2030.
Currently, we are facing unpredictable situations such as the conflict between the U.S. and China and the conflict in Ukraine.
In times like these, we need to think about what KYOSEI (living together in harmony), sustainable society and peace really mean. Undoubtedly, this is the era in which people who have received education based on the SEISA philosophy of "creating a world in which people live together based on mutual respect( for each other) in pursuit of world peace" must be active in their careers.
In 2022, as in the previous year, due to the spread of the COVID-19, the SAAB will be held as a hybrid event of both in-person and online. With the enthusiasm and efforts of our colleagues at SEISA, we hope that SAAB will be held with even greater breadth and depth, making full use of the online advantage of having a large number of participants from Japan and abroad.
We hope that all participants will understand that SAAB embodies the educational philosophy of late former President, Mr. Miyazawa and that they will experience the various exhibits and events while imagining that children with the SEISA spirit will spread to other parts of Japan and the world and transmit the concept of " Harmony of the global world".

Executive Committee Chairman2022
(former Director, JICA-Africa)

SEISA Africa Asia Bridge Future 宣言

一 . わたしたちは、世界の環境、貧困、人権、平和など様々な問題を解決する担い手となります。
We declare that we will be the ones to do our best to better the environment,
to abolish world poverty, for human rights and for world peace.

一. わたしたちは、スポーツを通じて、アフリカ・アジアなどの国々を発揚し、日本とのかけ橋になります。
We will be a bridge between Africa and Asia elating our spirts through sports.

一. わたしたちは、「人を認める」「人を排除しない」「仲間を作る」の3つの約束を大切にし、笑顔溢れる社会を作り続けます。
We will continue with our utmost effort toward building a society full of warm smiles
with the three-guiding principles of SEISA,
“Understand each other.” “Leave nobody out.” and “Make friends.”

一. わたしたちは、今まで学んできたアフリカ・アジアの知識を自分たちだけで留まらせるだけではなく、より多くの人と共有し、伝え続けます。
We will continue to convey the knowledge obtained through learning about Africa and Asia, to as many people as possible, not keeping it only for ourselves.

一. わたしたちは、知ることを通して繋がる、「知繋」という考え方のもと、SEISA Africa Asia Bridgeを通して、アフリカとアジアの共生と相互理解を深めることが出来る未来を創り続けます。
We are united by the theme of “Chikei”, which means to link with foreigners through learning. We continue to create a better future for Africa and Asia so that we can live in harmony and deepen mutual understanding.

一. わたしたちは、持続可能な開発目標にも掲げられている、気候変動への具体的な対策、自然の豊かさを守ろうという 考えのもとで、経済発展と環境の両立について考え、行動していきます。
We will work on specific measures for climate change to save the richness of nature and we will continue our collaborations for economic and environmental growth that are also listed as sustainable development goals.

一. わたしたちは、アフリカ、さらにアジアなどの国々と手をたずさえ、ボランティア、チャリティ活動など、いま行動できる ことを実践していき、社会貢献や世界平和に寄与できる人を目指します。
We long for a society where people live together in harmony. We will continue “SEISA Africa Asia Bridge” hand in hand with the people of Africa and Asia, in contributing to the harmonious coexistence of our societies and fostering of peace in the world.

一. わたしたちは、コロナ禍においてもこれまでの協力を維持しつつ、さらに世界との関わりを増やし、新しいつながりを構築します。
Even in this new Corona Virus situation, we will continue to do our best to maintain global cooperation and to develop new associations with this whole world.

起草者 Drafter
星槎全国生徒会 SEISA National Student Government 会長 Rep. Student Name 内海史杏
星槎全国生徒会 SEISA National Student Government 会長 Rep. Student Name 山﨑蒼一郎
星槎高等学校 SEISA High School 会長 Rep. Student Name 深井淳生
星槎中学校 SEISA Junior High School 会長 Rep. Student Name 栗木匠真
星槎もみじ中学校 SEISA Momiji Junior High School 代表 Rep. Student Name 小松遥斗

What is SAAB?

TIME TABLE タイムテーブル

Please check out our SAAB each channel of archive videos

“The Largest Learning Festival in History," Connecting Families across Japan to about 40 sites all over Japan, the U.S. (NYC and UNDP), and Myanmar.

Time Table

TIME TABLE タイムテーブル

Please check out our SAAB each channel of archive videos

“The Largest Learning Festival in History," Connecting Families across Japan to about 40 sites all over Japan, the U.S. (NYC and UNDP), and Myanmar.

Time Table

The 5th SEISA Africa Asia Bridge 2019


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The 5th SEISA Africa Asia Bridge 2019 was held last year.
Thirty-two countries, including Japan, participated in the festival, and more than 8,000 people attended.

WEB Pamphlet

The 5th SEISA Africa Asia
Bridge 2019

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Last year's pamphlet can be found here.


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