About SAAB

About SAAB

Now Africa is rapidly becoming a central continent of the world which gathers global attentions for rich natural resources, as well as for ICT development centers. How Japan should respond to this transformation? Now, we are at the critical point to think about the way of the world after 10 years and 20 years.
Under these circumstances, we have held “SEISA Africa Asia Bridge” for past five years. To realize the goal “to know” and “to connect” with countries in Africa, students had wonderful opportunities to discuss and understand the excellences of diversity and possibility of Africa with various people from different countries. We hope more countries from Africa and Asia can participate in Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held in Japan in 2021. We will make SAAB as an opportunity for us to think about what we can do, what “Kyosei” (living in harmony) really means, what is sustainable society and what is peace. We hope that this activity will continue and become a seed of action for us who are responsible for the next generations. Holding our hearts closer beyond actual distances, we strongly hope that we can create peaceful world together as friends in Japan, Africa, Asia and Pacific.

Last year, the fifth edition of SEISA Africa Asia Bridge 2019 was held on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of November. Under the theme of "Chikei" (To Know, To Be Connected), 17 embassies and more than 15 other countries in Africa and Asia took part in the event, with more than 32 countries in total, including Japan, and a total of 7,738 visitors to expand the circle of learning and relationships. Experience of SAAB was expanded and appreciated greatly, with the supports from SEISA students from all over Japan as well as the neighbor communities. There were many touching scenes in SAAB 2019 such as the presentations done by junior & high school students from all over Japan on the SDGs and African as well as Asian countries. And the Paralympians shared their global experiences and their international relationship through sports. At the grand finale of SAAB 2019 in which more than 1,000 people worked together to pass a rugby ball with their dreams and wishes written on it. We are sure there were many memorable moments, and we wish long lasting our friendship with people around the world and continue having SEISA Africa Asia Bridge.


『sTED(SEISA Transnational Education Design)』 is a program for the students to think about the future after 10, 20, 50 years from today and give their original presentations, based on the relationship between Africa and Asia and SDGs(Sustainable development Goals). Students who belong to SEISA all over Japan and nearby elementary, middle and high school students also gather for giving passionate presentations.

SEISA Electricity Project × SDGs

In the stage, SEISA’s friends gathered from Hokkaido to Okinawa due to announce this year’s achievement titled “All SEISA Students Council ~SEISA Electricity Project × SAAB”. Six groups with different themes and presentation types. They gave unique presentations to think about future while showing the merits and demerits of each power generation methods and comparing various countries.

SKY Project

Toward “Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games” which will be held in 2021, SEISA Group, Kanagawa Prefecture, Odawara City, Hakone Town and Oiso Town are supporting Eritrea, Bhutan and Myanmar for their training camps. SKY Project is one of the collaboration programs. In SAAB 2018, we have tried a program in which everyone wrote their“Dreams” on paper plane and tossed into the sky. Foreign guests and people from different generations gathered around and paper plane flying was carried out for connecting Japan and the world.

No. of Participated people

No. of Participated people

No. of Participated Countries

No. of Participated Countries

List of Participated Embassies

Republic of Uganda / Arab Republic of Egypt / Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia / Eritrea / Gabon / Kenya / Republic of Kenya / Republic of Congo / Republic of Zambia / Republic of Djibouti / Republic of Zimbabwe / United Republic of Tanzania / Burkina Faso / Republic of Benin / Republic of Malawi / Republic of South Africa / Republic of Mozambique / Kingdom of Lesotho

List of Participated Countries

Republic of Uganda / Arab Republic of Egypt / Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia / Eritrea / Gabonese Republic / Republic of Kenya / Republic of Congo / Republic of Zambia / Republic of Djibouti / Republic of Zimbabwe / United Republic of Tanzania / Burkina Faso / Republic of Benin / Republic of Malawi / Republic of South Africa / Republic of Mozambique / Kingdom of Lesotho / Republic of the Union of Myanmar / People's Republic of Bangladesh / Kingdom of Bhutan / United States of America / India/ Russian Federation / People's Republic of China / Republic of Korea / Republic of the Philippines / Republic of China (Taiwan) / Kingdom of Thailand / Socialist Republic of Vietnam / Republic of Peru / Canada / Japan


General Incorporated Association SEISA Group Foundation for Global Children Kokusai Gakuen Education Institute


Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Science and Technology Kanagawa Prefecture Yokohama City International Bureau Oiso Town Hakone Town Kanagawa Prefectural Board of Education Yokohama City Board of Education Odawara City Board of Education Oiso Town Board of Education Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)


Japan-Africa Friendship Yokohama City Council Members' League Wakabadai Residents’ Association Alliance General Incorporated Foundation Wakabadai Community Develop Center

SEISA’s High School Students Participated in TICAD Ⅶ

On August 29th, 2019, 44 junior high and high school students who represented SEISA schools in / around Kanagawa Prefecture participated in TICAD Ⅶ(Tokyo International Conference on African Development)which is one of the biggest international conference held in Japan. In the section of “Driving Multi-Sectoral Partnerships for the SDGs”, a side-event organized by Kanagawa Prefecture and UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), the students seated in the first row in the center and they listened eagerly to the discussion using ear phones for simultaneous interpretation system. We saw in their attitude what they obtained in their long term study and experience in SEISA Africa Asia Bridge.

Visit to Unitad Nations in 7th New York Study Tour Program

SEISA’s high school students visited UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) on October 18th, 2019, and had an opportunity to make presentations on their activities in SAAB and SDGs. It was originally a 30 minutes promise but they gave one and a half hour for the students. After a warm greeting from Ms. Eunice Kamwendo, Strategic Adviser to UNDP Africa, we were also able to listen to very precious stories from UN Ambassador Dr. Toshiya Hoshino and other UN specialists. In addition, we received courteous responses to students' questions about the current state of Africa. It was a lifelong experience for students, and it was a great opportunity for them to find goals in their future. In addition, the students were invited to visit the UNDP again during their next year's program in New York.