Space Education
“Learning in Space” = “Learning Life”

Signed a cooperation agreement on space education with the Japan
Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Space Education Center.

SEISA schools has deepen the study about space in the daily classes. Through this collaboration, we will further develop the education through empathic understanding, based on the importance of life by utilizing space as a material for students. As part of this effort, we nurture the children to have the curiosity, adventurous spirit, and craftsmanship that are the philosophy of space education. We will also focus on the development of faculty members who can conduct space education, through conducting the development and assessment of space education materials, and so on, in cooperation with JAXA Space Educaton Center.

Space class

Learn from “Hayabusa 2” Project

In corporation with JAXA, students started this program by sending simple instructions to the satellite using programming software. Then finally they conducted a program to experience “Hayabusa 2ʼs touchdown to Planet Ryugu”, which was the first attempt in Japan.

Space as a Keyword for Learning

SEISA’s junior high and high schools are developing classes that incorporate the contents regarding space. Using “space” as a keyword, the students are exploring studies by themselves, like “Let's introduce the earth to life forms living in an unseen space!" "How did the old people measure the size of the earth?"